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Unsolicited email (spam) is a problem that increasingly affects any email user. For a more efficient email account, you can opt for a solution that guarantees antispam protection.

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Although in general are messages that have a commercial character, advertisements for dubious services and products, spam often can damage the security of the user's data or the confidential information held by the company. Thus, spam is distinguished by its aggressive and repeated character. You may lose business opportunities with an antispam solution that is inappropriate. Mail from partners can be considered spam, and they do not reach the recipient.7



There are several Antispam solutions

Antispam solutions are specially designed to prevent spamming from reaching the email box. By implementing an antispam solution, it eliminates the productivity losses generated by spam and the possibility of infecting with a computer virus in certain cases. Spam creates mess in the email box and takes a large part of time due to the sorting that you need to do it to identify legitimate and important emails, and this process can take an average of one hour a day. A nicely presented message can be misleading and can make a user access an internet address that can negatively affect IT security.

For an antispam solution to be as effective as possible, it must reject spam as much as possible. It's important that a solution does not reject a legitimate message, and if it makes it possible to recover it in a certain amount of time. Recovery can be done by the solution administrator or by each user for antispam solutions that offer this.

Can defeat delays in delivering messages when the solution is not well sized. It must be properly dimensioned, configured and properly maintained.

There are several Antispam solutions

  • Linux based anti-spam solutions are an alternative to companies with a limited budget.
  • The leading antivirus makers (Bitdefender, Kaspersky) offer antispam solutions for the Microsoft email server and for workstations..
  • There are dedicated physical equipments that do this. Fortinet's security solutions come with antispam solution. The equipment is called Fortimail.
  • Barracuda also has dedicated antispam equipment.

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Considering the complexity of the phenomenon and the diversity of antispam solutions, it is advisable to seek advice from a specialist when choosing such a solution.