What is IT Outsourcing?


Through IT outsourcing, IT businesses can fully take over the IT departments of companies or just a part of IT responsibilities such as IT maintenance, IT infrastructure management, IT support for users and equipment, server monitoring, or data security.

Companies choose to outsource IT services for different reasons, from reducing IT costs, eliminating IT interruptions and increasing productivity, to accessing extensive knowledge, owned by a specialized IT firm.

With an experience of 18 years, StarTechTeam offers IT outsourcing services tailored to the needs of companies of any size, gaining more stability and efficiency for business growth

Suport IT 24/7

You benefit from IT interventions at your company's headquarters

Permanent monitoring

You have 99% availability of IT infrastructure

Increased IT optimization

You benefit from IT interventions at your company's headquarters

Data security

We provide data protection through efficient back-up solutions.

For small companies

Before turning to professional IT outsourcing, IT activities in the client company were carried out by one person, and its expertise did not always provide optimal solutions that would be compatible with growth and company development.

For medium companies

The frequent interruptions of activity, caused by the fall of the entire network, from servers, the internet and accounting applications, have had negative effects in the day-to-day business. These interruptions have also attracted financial, resource and time losses.

For big companies

The IT services provided by our team focused primarily on migration of servers, implementation of equipment in different locations, initial configuration for workstations, and acquisition of licenses.