About general solutions


Regardless of the specific activity, companies need scalable solutions tailored to the communication and management needs of their systems. Each solution offered by our team is the result of preliminary checks and the identification of opportunities for improvement or exercise of specialized control over resources.

For increased mobility and efficiency, we offer mobile email and company access solutions, security and management solutions, control solutions and communications solutions inside the company.


Communication and collaboration

Office 365 solution

Office 365 plans come with a range of business benefits and offer the complete communication and collaboration...

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Communication solutions by email

Email is a modern way of communication that has spread a lot and is used by most companies as an important component..

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Mobile email access solutions

With the development of mobile phones and mobile networks, they began to copy

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IP telephony solutions

A key element of current affairs is communicating. That is why we are always looking for solutions for...

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Teleconferencing solutions

Teleconferencing solutions can be just as useful for transmitting information and making decisions in order to meet goals...

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Videoconferencing solutions

Do your employees travel frequently to meet with business partners in another city or abroad, do you have...

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IT Infrastructure

Structured cabling solutions

Structured cabling is a set of standards that determine how to install cables that are part of data and / or voice networks in...

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Wireless communication solutions inside the company

Wireless networks involve connecting devices through a wireless network. They have gained much popularity in recent...

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Wired communications solutions inside the company

Effective communications are definitely one of the most important aspects of running a business...

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Physical access control solutions to resources

The physical security concept describes a set of security measures designed to stop the unauthorized access of a person inside..

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Virtualization solutions

Virtualization solutions have gained in both popularity and complexity due to the benefits they can offer...

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Cloud computing solutions

The concept of cloud computing (literally "cloud computing") is relatively new in computer science...

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IT Management

User management solutions

Maintains IT service control and delivers service delivery parameters by using IT management and control software to deliver IT services...

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Solutions to control logical access to resources

Controlling logical access to company resources is required in any company. Any manager or department manager must...

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Document management and sharing (files and rights)

In the current context of multiplying the number of users and information in a company...

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Hardware and software inventory solutions

Recover the control over the IT infrastructure you own, with the modern Inventoree and Softsee solutions...

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Workstation management solutions

Access to internal documents and collaboration between users is a basic need for any company...

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Licensing solutions

Appropriate licensing solutions are often sensitive issues, as often a company may involuntarily...

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Licensing control solutions

Software license is an act that specifies the rights of a user to use or redistribute a computer software...

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Single sign-on solutions and password management

Password management is used to simplify users' experience of logging on to different systems by organizing passwords and logon codes...

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Antivirus protection solutions

Antivirus protection is computer programs designed to prevent, detect and eliminate computer viruses..

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Solutions to secure communications over the Internet

Data protection against external attacks has always been one of the main challenges for companies....

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Secured mobile access solutions to internal resources

Accessing data or Internet services from outside the company in safe conditions can be important in many business scenarios..

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Antispam protection solutions

Unsolicited email (spam) is a problem that increasingly affects any email user. For a more efficient email account...

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Disaster recovery and backup

Recovery solutions in case of disaster

When talking about disaster recovery, we are talking about a set of processes, policies and procedures that are applied to...

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Solutions to minimize impact in case of loss or theft

More and more situations where mobile devices (phones, PDAs, tablets) are stolen or lost have created the context of...

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Data protection solutions (backup)

A backup solution gives you the ability to copy and archive important information in your company so that they can be...

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Business Continuity

Solutions to ensure business availability and continuity

With the evolution of technology and the use of IT systems in most processes in the organization, demands for the highest availability...

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Continuous power supply solutions

Electricity is produced and transported away from the place where we use it, and often there is an interruption in its supply

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Energy-optimized solutions

Did you know that a computer works 76% of the time in idle mode, while only 24% of the standby time is used in a productive way?

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Solutions to ensure the availability of the Internet connection

The availability of the internet connection has become a necessity when companies have online critical services and..

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Printing equipment management solutions

Managing non-existent or incorrect printing can cause significant losses to your company...

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