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Appropriate licensing solutions are often sensitive issues, as often a company may involuntarily use pirated or inaccurately licensed software.

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In the context of the campaign "Know what information you provide on the illegal software tray", run by BSA (The Softwae Alliance), the use of unlicensed software programs involves assuming risks and consequences for the company. Companies often become aware of the existence of unlicensed programs only when the consequences are irreversible. Although internal policy clearly stipulates the use of licensed software, the company can easily reach the licensing environment, even due to some workstations.

In addition to the legal consequences, pirated programs also attract internal security risks. In this context, internal information becomes extremely vulnerable and can always reach the hands of unauthorized persons or even competitors.



Licensing is a very important process to ensure continuity of business, and solutions for a fair licensing must be immediately adopted by the company's general management. Additionally, it is essential that proper licensing become a common practice within the company, and that users respect the manufacturer's rights and amendments.

To avoid the risks, it is recommended to deploy on the network a solution that scans in detail all the installed applications and then performs monitoring of installations or uninstallations and software updates.

A Software Asset Management solution performs a full radiography of all licensed programs and keeps track of the real situation compared to the one manually entered from the records of purchases. Thus, any installation will be reported to the IT Chief and full control of the licenses will be provided.



Solutions for correct licensing come, first of all, as a guarantee of the need for safety and comfort for any company. Additionally, the use of licensed programs brings a number of benefits to the user, with added value added, which provides updates, training and support, tutorials and warranty.

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Regardless of the solutions implemented for a proper licensing, they must be carefully selected by IT specialists and must cover both existing risks and cost optimization. For a careful analysis of the company's needs and for identifying the best licensing solutions, we encourage you to get in touch with a Class IT consultant to provide you with the best options.

Microsoft Certified StarTechTeam specialists, as well as the partnership with Microsoft, BitDefender or Kaspersky, represent the Class IT guarantee for providing the best licensing solutions to the client company.