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Email is a modern way of communication that has spread a lot and is used by most companies as an important component of communication.

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Earnings of companies, using an email solution, are increasing communication, image, and productivity. In addition to the traditional communication media, email communication has the advantage of archiving communications and easily looking for information.



When choosing a com- munication solution by email, you need to consider the number of users, the storage space required for each, and a forecast for future growth. Another aspect to consider is the choice of the email client. The criteria to be taken into account in this choice are: its functionality, the way it presents the information and the need for the email to be accessed from outside the company.

If the email solution is inside the company, it is important to choose the proper equipment. The configuration and security of the email solution are also important. It is possible to send confidential information by email, so it is important to ensure that they do not reach bad intentions or competition. The presence of an antivirus solution, antispam, the way the email is sent between the client and the email server are factors that we need to keep in mind.

There are several email solutions available on the market: Microsoft, Linux, cloud-outs. Microsoft Exchange is the email solution from Microsoft. It integrates with the user management solution and has multiple features that integrate with the Microsoft Outlook email client from the Microsoft Office suite. Besides the email feature, it allows sharing contacts and calendar between different users.

Small businesses who want to enjoy the functionality of Microsoft products can use the Office 365 cloud solution. It comes with several pricing plans, with various storage capabilities and capabilities. Payments are made monthly. Linux based email solution can be an alternative for companies with a limited budget. Google Mail is Google's email service in the cloud. It has two tariff plans with different features and a 25GB storage space.

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Using email is an important element for the development of any company, so choosing a well-developed email solution can make a difference. In order to choose the best solution for your business, we recommend that you take the advice of a specialist.