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Wireless communications

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Wireless networks involve connecting devices through a wireless network. They have gained much popularity in recent years due to the advantages they offer compared to wired networks. Wireless technology has evolved a lot since its first appearance, now offering transfer rates comparable to wired networks. Security has also been improved, and communications are protected

In a wireless network, the devices communicate via radio waves and there is one or more equipment that emits these signals and ensures communication between the devices. No cables are needed and all users can move from one place to another without interrupting the connection

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Users can access information anywhere in the company. This boosts their productivity, as some employees need to migrate from one area to another within the company. Using wired networks to move users was not so easy.

Flexibility and Scalability

Giving up cables, we give up a fixed infrastructure. Everyone has access from anywhere, without the need for major configuration changes. Also, with the addition of a single access point, the network can be expanded very easily, without the need to add cables. Companies are reorganizing, moving their headquarters, may undergo changes in short periods of time. A wireless network can be adapted by simplicity, needing only one or more access points to cover the area and the sustained traffic of users in the company.

Low maintenance costs

At wireless networks we are talking almost only about the initial investment, because the maintenance costs are minimal. The benefits of long-term operational costs come from the dynamic environment it offers, and it is not necessary to change the infrastructure with changes within the company. The wireless network can be integrated with the wired network, giving the possibility, with minimal investments, to reach areas where wiring is more difficult or was not initially thought. It can also be used in addition to the wired network, for visitors access to the internet.



To implement a wireless network and have access to information from anywhere in the company, you need one or more access points or wireless routers. They must be dimensioned and positioned depending on the space to be covered with the signal, the number of devices that will connect in the same area and the volume of traffic they will make. It is also necessary to consider what level of security is needed and, of course, the solution must be able to support a further growth of the business. After choosing a solution based on these criteria, several manufacturers are available to meet the right needs. Among them, we can recommend Cisco and Fortinet.

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In order for the solution to meet the specific needs of each company, it is recommended to seek the advice of a specialist.