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Management solutions for printing equipment

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Managing non-existent or incorrect printing can cause significant losses to your company. Printing solutions management solutions have become a necessity in terms of minimizing costs and increasing productivity and efficiency, immediate benefits for the correct implementation of a printing management system.

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Controlling printing costs in a company remains challenging as they can account for up to 3% of total revenue, regardless of the field of activity. The first step in solving this problem is to identify and to understand the reasons for the costs incurred by printing services.

Printing devices


One of the largest cost generators is the purchase of a larger number of decree printing devices required. In many uses, office printers with low care capacity and high printing costs are preferred, and negligible care devices can bring substantial cost reductions.

Using such a policy is inefficient and involves unnecessary costs, while purchasing a smaller number of printers, but of high capacity, brings both consumables and electricity savings.

Installation / Integration


Time to install and integrate printers

In a large company, IT departments spend an average of 10% of their time supporting fleets of printing equipment, while maintenance time can be used in activities to improve efficiency and competitiveness. Maintenance is required for a large mining solution at the top of the IT department, cost-cutting could be redirected for other initiative strategies.

Diminishing productivity


While many employees prefer to have a personal printer in the office, most of the time they do not realize that these devices often reduce productivity. Printing a large document on such a printer may take good minutes, while a large-capacity printer performs the same task in less than a minute. At the same time, this mode of operation leads to overheating and frequent replacements of consumables, generating unnecessary costs.

Excessive use of small printers, faxes, and small copiers limits an organization's ability to implement solutions that lead to more efficient business processes.

Cost reduction


With a management solution, printing costs can be reduced by up to 30%, and these savings are made by choosing and consolidating the equipment that suits the company's needs, lowering expenditures on consumables, reducing energy consumption and maintaining costs.



A printing equipment management solution helps you manage the risks and benefit from many advantages, starting with the purchase of equipment, their integration and maintenance and support. An important component of such a solution is the printing management applications that allow the creation of a printing environment adapted to the needs of your company, increasing the productivity and improving the control over the printing of documents.

Printeeng is a solution that collects real data by providing detailed reports about networking printing. Provides cost control, limiting print volume rights. By raising awareness of the actual costs of printing, employees are involved in the cost reduction strategy. Print equipment can be optimized by analyzing detailed information on the efficiency of each printing equipment. This software allows you to have complete control over print modes, giving you the ability to create user groups and manage each group's access to the available printing devices.

Our recommendation


Adopting a policy based on a print administration solution can help your business, regardless of its size, solve printing-related issues and make significant cost cuts. To benefit from the benefits of a printing equipment management solution, we recommend that you seek advice from a specialist.