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Licensing control solutions

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Software License

Software license is an act that specifies the rights of a user to use or redistribute a computer software. Any software is copyrighted, unless the author states otherwise and the software is "free". Contractual confidentiality is another way to protect programs. A typical software license gives a final user the right to use one or more copies of a program in a way that would otherwise be a violation of the program's exclusive rights under the copyright law.

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Using a licensing control solution eliminates the risk that unauthorized applications are installed on workstations. Such a solution offers the opportunity to properly assess the need to purchase a new license, so you can get a better purchase price. Similarly, you can avoid the financial losses resulting from the acquisition of a much larger number of licenses.



A licensing solution is important:

  • the frequency with which the application updates the information
  • the ability to centralize this information
  • the ability to filter information on different criteria and categories
  • presenting a history of installing applications on workstations

Upgrade Licenses:

  • From a previous version to the current one - Version Upgrade (VUP)
  • From one previous edition to the next - Windows Anytime Upgrade (WAU)

Full License:

  • Together with a new PC - OEM. Pre-installed on a new computer, "lives and dies" with that system. Can not transfer to another computer.
  • Packages with software applications as they can be found on store shelves -FPP. They have an installation disk. Allow transfer from one computer to another.
  • Product Key Cards - PKC. No installation disk, the program must be preinstalled. The license can not be transferred to another PC; it remains on the PC where it was first activated.
  • Volume Licensing - Open License. The initial purchase must be at least 5 licenses, of any kind. Companies can get a discount corresponding to the level of purchases. It can be seen as a two-year Microsoft commitment: any subsequent acquisition of licenses will benefit from the reduction set at the first acquisition.
  • Microsoft rental or leasing software - Open Value Subscription. It is signed for a period of 3 years. At the end of the period, the client has options to extend the contract, acquire perpetual licenses or completely renounce the rented software.
  • There is also Software Assurance, Rental Rights, Client Access License (CAL)
  • Legal persons are at risk for fine software piracy from RON 10,000 to RON 900,000, as well as other complementary punishments depending on the gravity of the phenomenon.



Licensing control solutions bring many benefits, including controlling, inventorying and managing software licenses on computer equipment within companies.

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Softsee offers the ability to track real-time changes to licensing in the company. This information is centralized and easy to filter. Allows the installation of certain applications to be blocked and informs us about the latest version available. Sends an endorsement before a license expires.


Microsoft also has a licensing management solution, recommended especially for people who have technical knowledge.

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Often, the cost of licensing can affect the company from a cash flow perspective. Therefore, it is important for a manager to have a means to evaluate and control the licensing costs. To streamline costs and avoid unnecessary loss of resources, we recommend that you use a licensing solution tailored to your company's needs.