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Wired communications

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Effective communications are definitely one of the most important aspects of running a business. Today, almost all processes in a company are based on communications and can no longer function in their absence. One way to make communications inside the company is through a wired network to which all devices are connected: stations, servers, printers, storage equipment, and more. With the increase in their number, they also need to connect in a more efficient way, allowing fast communication between devices. LANs (Local Area Networks) are mainly used by UTP switches and cables to establish a connection between devices

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Low costs

Technology has now come at very low costs compared to other communications media. Both equipment and cabling can be implemented at minimal cost.

High transfer speed

Due to the evolution of packet processing speed by routers and switches, the network transfer speed is now close to wirespeed, cable speed, 100Mbps, 1Gb / s and 10Gbps.

Increased security

Even with the emergence of wireless technology and along with its benefits, wired networks are still used inside the company to transfer confidential information, as it is more difficult for them to be captured by unauthorized people.


Wired networks are considered to be more reliable than wireless ones because they are not affected by interference and signal loss. Here, the information circulates in a protected environment.

To implement a wired communications solution, structured cabling must first be done. This has to be considered considering where the devices, stations and network equipment will be placed and, of course, what is the planned growth in the next period, so that the infrastructure will undergo further development.

In terms of switching, the range of equipment is varied, with many manufacturers like Cisco, HP, Zyxel, Dell, Allied Telesis or Netgear. Differences between them are price and performance. Depending on the specifics of each company and its needs, these can be with or without management, the number of ports can range from 8 to 48, and their capacity is from 100Mb / s to 10Gb / s.

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To benefit from an efficient wired communications solution, we recommend that you pay special attention to wiring. Structured cabling can bring many benefits in terms of simplifying and streamlining cable infrastructure. It is an essential component of a robust infrastructure and can greatly reduce network maintenance costs. The advice of a specialist is also recommended for choosing the best solution