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Solutions to ensure the availability of the Internet connection

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The availability of the internet connection has become a necessity when companies have online critical services and applications that need to be available all the time. It is very important that there be no interruptions in the Internet connection, especially for companies that carry out much of their online activity or communicate with most of their customers on this channel.

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When most of the activities in the company depend on an Internet connection, an interruption of this activity translates into interruption of business and dead times for the business. Employee productivity decreases and business performance will suffer.

A risk calculation can show how much money a company loses in an hour, several hours, or a day of inactivity. If the company's specificity is to get customers through the online channel, it risks losing both money and customers and image.



A correct dimension:

The equipment that will stay at the border between the company's network and the external environment will support all the information coming in and out of the network. It is important that they are properly dimensioned to support this traffic. Otherwise, there will be delays or even interruptions due to too much equipment being loaded.


It is recommended that the critical points in the infrastructure be doubled so that their failure does not cause the interruption of the entire network. It is important to double your Internet connection, preferably with two different providers. Also, it is necessary to duplicate Gateway equipment at the border of the network because there is only one point through which all traffic passes. In the event of an interruption, redundant equipment takes over automatically and soon. Thus, the service will not be interrupted and business continuity will be maintained.


An important aspect of business availability and continuity is security. Without proper protection, any device can be infected, causing damage across the network. A security level needs to be configured according to the company's needs, anything below or above the desired level of protection may have a negative impact.

Equipment quality

The quality of the equipment that borders the network and directs all the traffic is important for the good functioning of all services. It does not have to be a compression. They have to be reliable, with some redundant components inside because they will work 24 hours a day without stopping.

Manufacturers are positioned differently depending on price versus performance, but mostly depending on how they align with the needs of each company. Among the most important players on the market we can mention Cisco, Fortinet, Juniper and Checkpoint.



The availability of the internet connection ensures a smooth running of all company processes, which is vital for employee productivity. It is important to keep quality of service, to reward existing customers and gain new customers.

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Since the specifics of each business dictate different needs in terms of services and functionalities desired, and especially in the case of such a solution where the configuration options are varied, you will be much more advantageous if you seek the advice of a specialist. Appropriate identification of needs, sizing and correct configuration will lead to a suitable solution.