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Solutions to minimize the impact în case of loss or theft

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More and more situations where mobile devices (phones, PDAs, tablets) are stolen or lost have created the context of multiplying Anti-Theft solutions specifically created for these unpleasant events.

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According to studies, 83% of mobile device users lost at least one such equipment and, with it, important and confidential data, with the risk of misrepresentation of this information by bad guys. What would be the losses your company suffered if these people managed to circumvent confidential data? Fortunately, no matter what category you are in, there are currently solutions to minimize the risks associated with possible theft or loss.



Laptop solutions

In the laptop area, the main promoter is even the leader of the microprocessor market, Intel, which has developed what is called Intel Anti-Theft Technology. This is a feature present in most new generation processors that allows the last solution to effectively block the equipment remotely, rendering it unusable to an unauthorized person. If this is not the case, there is the possibility of pursuing the person who uses it fraudulently, including the approximate location of the location in which it is located, the deletion of confidential data, the sending of information messages regarding the seriousness of the deed or the way the equipment can be returned , your information and the company being safe in this way against bad intentions.

In order to activate these features, it is necessary to use software applications that are installed on the equipment, and communication is via a data connection. They can be managed directly by users or managed by an IT service company, and if the equipment is lost or stolen, all the features available to protect data and retrieve lost or stolen devices can be used.

An alternative is Protectee, which eliminates risks that may occur in the event of unforeseen events, protects investment and data from lost or stolen devices. Removes sensitive data from the lost device remotely. Track and locate the position of the equipment on the map in real time. Strange vital information about who uses the missing equipment: webcam and print-screen photos.

Solutions for mobile phones and tablets

In the mobile device area, there are anti-virus makers that also offer anti-theft applications. Thus, Kaspersky's (Mobile Security 9) solution offers at the moment all anti-theft features to protect your data, providing antivirus-antimalware protection and is available for Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, and Windows Mobile platforms to version 6.5).

However, to further mitigate the risks, F-Secure Mobile Security or Anti-Theft for Mobile solutions are available, both of which are available free of charge to be tested for 30 days.

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To ensure that important data from your company is not accessed or used by foreigners, we recommend that you use an Anti-Theft solution that suits your security needs and needs. A consultant can help you identify the most appropriate solution.