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A key element of current affairs is communicating. That is why we are always looking for solutions for optimizing and optimizing communication systems, VoIP solutions being perfectly suited to the current economic situation, while allowing for the addition of new features compared to classical telephony, as well as streamlining communication costs.

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Cost Efficiency

It is due to the use of the same transport medium for voice and data. If you have an Internet connection (untapped), then this connection can also be used for voice transmission without additional costs. Another cost reduction is free of charge for VoIP users.

Enhanced functionality

By renouncing the cables, we give up a fixed infrastructure. Everyone has access from anywhere without major configuration changes. Also, with the addition of a single access point, the network can easily grow without the need for adding cables. Companies reorganize, move their headquarters, change over short periods of time. A wireless network can be adapted with simplicity, requiring only one or more access points to cover the area and the sustained traffic of the users in the company.

Low maintenance costs

Some of the features offered by VoIP are difficult or even impossible to achieve in classical telephony. Among these features is the ability to use an IP phone anywhere there is an Internet connection. This makes it possible for your "fixed" phone to be on the go, with the same number all over the world.

Additional services

Due to the use of a shared data connection, you can send video, text, or text messages in parallel with the call.




VoIP este un termen care desemneaza transmiterea informatiei in format audio (vocea) prin utilizarea protocolului folosit de catre reteaua Internet (Internet Protocol).

VoIP solutions involve replacing the traditional telephone booth with a dedicated communications server that communicates through the same local area network used for data transmission with telephone customers. Customers who can use office phones, applications installed on existing computers but additionally equipped with headphones and microphone or even mobile devices, including mobile phones.

VoIP technology has expanded from initial applications that offer cheap voice over the Internet to advanced communication and collaboration facilities within the company's internal network.

The most common extended VoIP solutions offered by small and medium-sized businesses are:

  • Optimizing costs by sending calls by the most cost effective operator
  • IVR (Interactive Caller Information Menu)
  • Record calls
  • Unified messaging, including the transmission of voicemail messages in the email box
  • Fax2Email, permitand eliminarea completa a vechiului aparat Fax
  • Advanced call forwarding (including mobile re-routing)

In addition, there is applicability and when you are away from the company, you can communicate very easily and almost free of charge with the rest of your colleagues. With your home VoIP, you can communicate with your local numbers at local rates, even if you are calling from outside the country.

Vodafone, Orange or Telekom, are increasingly using VoIP interconnections due to the cost advantages of technology.

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To benefit from the many benefits of VoiIP telephony, we recommend implementing such a system that offers advanced technology and low usage costs.