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Antivirus protection is computer programs designed to prevent, detect and eliminate computer viruses. A computer virus is a deliberate malicious program developed by a programmer, which, like a biological virus, multiplies and tries to spread to other computers by various means.

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There are many antivirus solutions on the market. Important for such a solution is the level of protection it offers. There are several ways to identify viruses, so it's important to consider this in choosing antivirus solution. Another important aspect is the frequency with which the antivirus solution makes virus signature updates. Basically, there is a database for each antivirus product that contains the known viruses signature, and it updates constantly.

Another important issue is on what equipment we use antivirus solutions. It is good to have antivirus protection on several levels. If we have a network equipment that filters antivirus all the information coming from the internet but the workstations do not have an antivirus solution, it is possible that a user uses a usb stick and infects the entire network.

For network equipment that filters Internet traffic in and from the internet are Fortinet and Juniper solutions. For workstations and servers there are the antivirus solutions offered by Bitdefender, Kaspersky, Microsoft Forefront.



With the help of antivirus protection, the equipment and information are protected, so they are not affected by computer viruses.

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