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Electricity is produced and transported away from the place where we use it, and often there is an interruption in its supply. Continuity of power supply is important for IT systems. Often, computer systems support processes and services that can not be interrupted or whose interruption can cause financial loss.

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By ensuring the continuity of electricity supply, the continuity of the IT services provided, implicitly the continuity of the business, is ensured. Thus, productivity is not affected. Computer systems have electrical circuits sensitive to voltage variations of the electric current. Variations or voltage interruptions can lead to both data loss and damage to equipment.



Ensuring continuity of power supply can be achieved with an uninterruptible power supply, also known as the UPS acronym, along with an electric generator when required.

In choosing a continuity solution, we need to pay attention to the correct estimation of the power requirement, if the power supply is interrupted, and a correct estimate of the time that the computer systems can work on the battery. There are two types of UPS: with management and no management. Management ones are connected to the operating system running on servers or stations and can automatically shut down systems, avoiding data loss. They communicate with the server or workstation via serial port, Ethernet, GSM / GPRS or USB, using a communications protocol.

Maintenance is also important. UPS batteries deteriorate over time due to loading / unloading cycles, so they must be replaced when they are damaged. There are many manufacturers of equipment to ensure the continuity of energy supply, including: APC, Socomec, Eaton.

Among the virtualization technologies currently used, we enumerate VMware vSphere, Citrix Xenserver, Microsoft HyperV, Redhat RHEV, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Among these, Vmware vSphere stands out through its historical stability and flexibility in virtual environment management. Also, Microsoft HyperV has made remarkable progress lately, with the Windows Server 2012 version being comparable to VMware functionality.

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In order to benefit from an optimal solution to ensure the continuity of power supply, we recommend that you seek the advice of a specialist who can provide you with all the details necessary to adopt such a solution.