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Data protection against external attacks has always been one of the main challenges for companies. With the evolution of technology, securing important information has become an increasingly complex process. While specialists are developing advanced solutions to encrypt and secure digital data, there are quick ways to overcome these efforts. These conflicts force industry to evolve in a way, but companies also keep up with new trends.

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Companies typically do not consider the risk of an attack unless it's already done. A risk analysis would show how much money a company loses in the event of a service interruption or compromising the integrity of the information. Loss of company confidential data can lead to customer loss, financial loss and employee productivity, and if the damage is serious, the business may not even return.



What can you do

When choosing a solution for securing communications from and to the Internet, the two streams should be considered: information coming from outside and information flowing from the company.

A modern solution for securing information is UTM (Unified Threat Management). This is an integrated security solution, an evolution of the traditional firewall, into a complete security product that can perform multiple security features such as Network Firewall, Intrusion Prevention System, Antivirus, Antispam, VPN, web filtering and other. All of these integrated functions take place before the dangers reach the local network and somehow affect the rear systems.

UTM equipment can verify and identify in real time all the information that comes and goes to the Internet inside the company, preventing data theft. Can filter and monitor sites that employees access, can report user activity tracking, provide Antivirus, Antimalware, Antispam, and Intrusion Prevention System protection - updated in real-time

Among the UTM equipment, we mention Fortinet, Juniper, SonicWall, Checkpoint, WatchGuard or NetGear. Each of them provides complete protection over the IT systems you own. A very important part in choosing a solution is design, sizing and configuration. For these, it is best to call a specialist.




It is important that secret information remains for the outside. The competition should not see the recipe of business operation and unauthorized persons have no access to customer base or financial documents. The first issue when information is confidential is "Who has access?". The answer should be "Only authorized persons".”.


A precautionary measure is to ensure that company data is complete and that they can not suffer any changes that are not detected. Both employees and clients need to be confident that company data is accurate and not erroneous.


For information systems to fulfill their purpose, information should be available when needed. It is important for companies that critical systems are always available and a precautionary measure is to prevent attacks from outside.

Our recommendation


Information from a company is always important to managers, and their security must always be carefully monitored. To avoid possible external attacks and to get a customized solution, we recommend that you use the advice of a specialist in choosing it.