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It has the role of protecting a company from the risk that data, applications, databases, servers and workstations, data and systems will be modified, copied or destroyed. The service is responsible for identifying, investigating, prioritizing, escalating and resolving issues, which are often intentionally or accidentally generated by the human resource.

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Customer Benefits:

  • Data Backup (Rescue and Restore)
  • IT Periodic Audit
  • Auditare periodică IT
  • Monitoring and control of data transfers (USB, Email)
  • Protection against device loss / theft
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Protection Management
  • SOC - External Protection Internet Access Management (Firewall Filtering, RDP)
  • Centralized administration of table protection equipment
  • Perform security updates for workstations and network equipment
  • Remote storage-security logs
  • Centralized aggregation, monitoring, analysis and correlation security logs security and server security (SIEM)
  • External Protection Security insurance Scan periodically vulnerabilities

S.O.C Data Protection


Monitoring and control of data transfers (USB, Email)

By continually monitoring documents leaving the company via USB and Email, and creating policies that protect and block data skipping with CyberSDC, the risks of confidential information being lost outside the internal network are limited.


  • Blocks, monitors and secures data transfer on external devices
  • Eliminating risk by blocking data transfer to non-trustworthy external devices
  • Decreasing risks by carefully monitoring and exactly what users are copying to mobile devices
  • Identifies suspicious copies and alerts under certain conditions the number of files copied, the volume of data, or the name of a specific file

Secure Management - access to workstations, email and applications and access rights

Centralized management of workstations provides the possibility of unitary and organized control of the components of a local computer network. In a central server, IT systems can be authenticated over the network based on user and password, specific rights to directories and files can be granted, or access to the running of certain applications on the workstation can be restricted. This ensures uninterrupted access to documents as well as control of access to documents or workstations.

Protection against the use of unauthorized software

Cyber ​​SDC allows you to identify each application in the network. Thus, we have the ability to compare with the acquired license database, check whether the latest version is being used, and then begin updating, installing or removing.


  • Unidentified systems without security patches pose a major risk of network vulnerability
  • All licensed software must be known to work and compare the number and type of licenses purchased
  • Applications such as Dropbox - as file sharing software, are at high risk for personal data breaches

Intrusion prevention in the local network

Unknown network equipment from the local network has high security risks. With CyberSDC, the devices are scanned continuously, the connected devices are detected and each device is recorded in the system.Once an unknown device enters the network, we are alarmed and allowed to access the network or isolate it. Once registered, the system allows us to track each device down to the component level and track any change in the network or on the device itself, including both hardware and software changes.

O dată ce un dispozitiv necunoscut intra în rețea, suntem alarmați și putem permite să acceseze rețeaua sau să îl izolăm. O dată înregistrat, sistemul va permite să urmărim fiecare dispozitiv până la nivelul componentei și să urmărim orice schimbare din rețea sau de pe dispozitiv în sine, incluzând atât modificări hardware, cât și software.

IT Periodic Audit:

IT auditing provides recommendations to keep information risks under control, clarifies the types of threats, and provides directions for addressing protection methods to ensure good company status, minimizing potential financial damage, maximizing profit and business prospects of the organization .


  • Identifying the risks that may affect and eliminate the activity
  • Control over the way the IT contract is delivered and how the security risks are covered

Back-up data

Data (information) owned by a company may represent its best value. Data storage and backup solutions guarantee the lack of data loss on the one hand and their rapid restoration in the event of disasters. SOC Data Protection implements and manages onsite and offsite data storage solutions for disaster recovery solutions. The algorithms used ensure that no data loss is lost for companies of any size.

Protection against device loss / theft:

The loss of one of the equipment can be translated into a loss of money, but also in confidential or sensitive data. CyberSDC limits the risk that confidential information can be accessed if equipment is lost


  • Eliminates risks that may occur in case of unexpected events, protects investment and data from lost or stolen devices
  • Removes sensitive data from the lost device remotely
  • Track and locate the position of the equipment on the map in real time
  • Get vital information about who uses the missing equipment: webcam and print-screen photos

Business Continuity & Disaster Protection Management:

Business Continuity & Disaster Protection Management includes planning and preparation to ensure that the company's business can continue to function in case of serious incidents or disasters and is able to recover to an operational state within a short period of time. The team of specialists analyzes the services whose failure would create bottlenecks, implement the solution, and manage its operation.