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Hardware and software inventory solutions

Inventory and Controls


Recover control

Recover control over your IT infrastructure with modern solutionsInventoree and Softsee .You have detailed and complete information and access them at any time, being assured that they are up-to-date information in real time.

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How it works Optimum Desk for your benefit:

  • Detailed IT equipment identification
  • Evaluate the degree of usage of the applications
  • Display the detailed hardware component
  • Alarm on the use of unlicensed software
  • Full software installation installed
  • Information and alarming about content that violates copyright
  • Detailed Reporting

Increases Employee Productivity


Increasing employee productivity by making timely necessary updates, avoiding risks associated with using the software through full control over applications, cost savings by optimizing and allocating licenses according to the frequency of use and control of resource allocation, maintaining a history of the physical location of them.

Prevention / Saving


Earn money

Earn financial resources by maximizing the performance of your equipment. Apply permanent software optimizations, avoid expensive purchases or upgrades.

Reduces the risk of disrupting activity, avoiding the occurrence of problems through periodic proactive activity that identifies potential crash risks with the help of the solution Opteemum .

And last but not least, by implementing StarTechTeam solutions, you can reduce your costs by limiting the maintenance of open equipment only during the actual use or by optimizing your energy consumption by aligning your company to the world trend of providing a greener world through solution Savenergee.

You have the secured workstations


Each of your employees has a computer-assisted agent that periodically optimizes software performance, monitors and alerts centrally relative to potential hardware failures, monitors system logs, alerts anti-virus, anti-spyware, or firewall protection, and remotely applies update- security or application installation.