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Teleconferencing solutions can be just as useful for transmitting information and making decisions in order to meet goals as the face-to-face talks, but they are more productive than any other alternative, with much less financial investment they have, unlike video conferencing solutions or easier communication versus email solutions. Conference participants only need a fixed or mobile phone or can use a computer equipped audio and microphone.

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Teleconferencing solutions have evolved noticeably lately, and today they benefit from numerous features, so you can enjoy superior voice quality, clarity, elimination of delay and echo.


The existing solutions on the market vary according to the maximum number of participants that they want to communicate at a time, the ease of use and the desired quality of conversations, as well as the frequency with which you have discussions with your team or partners. There are three ways to use teleconferencing solutions: as a service from a vendor, by acquiring specialized equipment, or by installing a software solution on a dedicated server.


Polycom is a quality-quality supplier of acoustic clarity, one of the professional variants being Polycom Sound Station IP 7000, a specially designed phone for your meeting room. It transforms daily discussions into clear conversations without sound disturbances.


Another producer is ClearOne, which offers a user-friendly interface along with a very good audio quality. ClearOne MaxTM Wireless and MaxTM EX transform your daily conversations and meetings into more interactive and dynamic activities, which means that in the next time you implement the solution, you will see an increase in employee productivity that will be able to collaborate more easily with each other .

Solutie Software

A software solution that can be used for video conferencing as well as for teleconferencing is Microsoft Lync 2010, which offers the "unified" teleconferencing solutions with traditional email or chat communication. Users can schedule conferences, chat quickly, or manage them easily via a familiar interface on their PC, Web, phone, or mobile device.




Make faster decisions, communicate naturally with your team or business partners, complementing email or chat communication. Reduce your transportation, accommodation or daily cost for off-city trips and improve productivity, avoiding time spent on the road outside the office. Teleconferencing solutions are the next step in increasing your company's efficiency.


According to studies, teleconferences are more effective, decisions are taken at a time up to 25% shorter than face-to-face meetings, to this benefit, adding that by using these solutions you will not have to to travel so often outside the office, the list of expenses being shortened visibly.

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Teleconferencing solutions are strategic tools to improve productivity

Teleconferencing solutions are strategic tools to improve productivity, especially in business environments with intense competition, where short-term productivity improvements and cost reduction are essential. Due to the need to communicate in real time with teams or partners distributed in several local offices or in different cities nationwide, teleconferences have become a basic tool for communication and collaboration. The companies that chose the implementation of the teleconferencing solutions benefited from an increase in the revenues, a reduction of costs and the efficiency of the activity, which is why we recommend contacting a StarTechTeam representative.