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Single sign-on solutions and password management

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Password management is used to simplify users' experience of logging on to different systems by organizing passwords and logon codes. To avoid storing or noting passwords in agendas and post-its, risking their loss or being seen by someone else, the alternative is to use a password manager.

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A single sign-on solution helps a user to log in to any application within the company using the same username and password. Below are some of the most desirable queries sought by organizations that are interested in Single Sign-On:

Single Sign-On

  • It is necessary to integrate all applications quickly into the Single Sign-On solution with minimal effort
  • It requires a scalable architecture and high availability
  • The company wants a low cost of use
  • How to detect and correct an incident
  • A flexible authentication scheme that supports the technologies you choose for today and for the future
  • The solution is transparent to users and does not interrupt their daily routine


As far as solutions are concerned, they exist for companies of any size. 1Password is a solution that can safely create and retain your passwords and also offers the ability to store data related to the licenses or credit cards you use. For those of you who are always on the move, Password syncs to any computer or mobile device with the free Dropbox feature.

Equally effective is Kaspersky's solution; Kaspersky Password Manager can be accessed via a USB device or Bluetooth interface, such as a mobile phone. Using a specially designed PIN for the user, Kaspersky Password Manager unlocks automatically when the mobile phone connects to the PC, blocking itself immediately after being disconnected.

Citrix Password Manager provides password management and Single Sign-On access to Windows, web and host-based applications. Users authenticate once through a unique log-on operation, and Password Manager then performs all the necessary activities: Automatically logs on to protected systems, enforces password policies, and automates tasks for the end user . It also makes it easier to connect to applications, making it easier, faster and more secure, and helping to lower the cost of help desk support by up to 25%.



Management Solutions

Adopting a password management solution brings multiple benefits, increasing in the first place the security level of the applications used and reducing the risk of data loss. In addition, it increases employee productivity by simplifying access to data and applications and rationalizing management and deployment processes.

  • Simple and secure access to all applications using one-step authentication
  • Maximum protection for data and workstations in the organization
  • Reducing the effort on the helpdesk service
  • Time savings for all IT users
  • Fast cost coverage (ROI)

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Single Sign-On

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