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Document Management and Sharing (Files and Rights)

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In the current context of multiplying the number of users and information in a company, there is a need for a management and document sharing solution. Additionally, the speed of communication and the need to immediately access information lead to good collaboration and communication among employees.

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Security of access to information is an important aspect to be considered when implementing a document sharing solution. Generally, there are departments within companies, so groups of users who want information to remain inside the department. Also, the company management generally wants to be able to easily access all the information inside the company. Security concerns not only access to information inside the company, but also access from the outside of the company by intentional bad people or competition.



Choice of solutions

Choosing a management and sharing solution should be done in accordance with certain parameters: storage space, availability of information, company activity, speed of access to information. The choice of equipment must take into account how much business activity can affect and what are the losses if users do not have access to the files. If the stored information is confidential, you may need to log the issues of user activity. This way, you may know who has accessed, modified or deleted a specific file.

Management solutions

There are more management and sharing solutions based on the operating system (Windows, Linux, MacOS), dedicated physical equipment, or cloud-based information services from Microsoft, Google, Dropbox.


Microsoft has its own file sharing solution that comes with its own operating systems. Windows Server can deploy and manage a robust, multi-functional file server that can be easily integrated with the management and management system of users and workstations. SharePoint is another alternative from Microsot for companies where collaboration plays an important role. High levels of security and availability can be achieved. Information can be accessed safely from outside the company, or it can be accessed from multiple locations when the company has multiple headquarters.


The Linux-based solution can be an alternative for companies that have a limited budget. Files can be accessed from workstations that use Windows operating systems. Dedicated physical equipment can also be an alternative for companies that have a limited budget. They generally have limitations on both the security and management side. Storing outside information may be an alternative in some scenarios. Although costs are higher than the solutions outlined above, Microsoft, Google or Dropbox offers a free initial space between 2GB and 7GB.



Document management and sharing solutions aim to store electronic files (such as documents, sound files, photos, movies, images, databases, etc.) that can be accessed by workstations. They can be stored in the same computer network or can be on a computer (server) outside the company. Thus, access can be made directly from within the company, via the local or remote network, via the Internet.

Document sharing simplifies communication within the company, increasing employee collaboration and productivity. There is a lot of reduction in the time an electronic file is available. Any modification to a file is available much faster than if the file was copied to external media (cd, dvd, external disk, usb stick) and made available to other users or sent by email.

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Taking into account what has been said above and the fact that each company has its own specificity, choosing a good management and document sharing solution is an important aspect for any company. A well-tailored solution tailored to specific needs can generate a competitive advantage.