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Do your employees travel frequently to meet with business partners in another city or abroad, do you have a geographically dispersed team, or do you want to expand nationally to grow your business? Improve productivity and reduce costs by replacing travel with video conferencing solutions that bring together colleagues and partners using a modern and efficient way of communicating.

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Video conference

High-quality videoconferencing solutions and tools play a critical role in streamlining business activity, managing scattered resources in other cities, maintaining close links with employees, and sometimes linking with suppliers and customers, adding to the cost-effectiveness trend.

Cisco WebEx Meeting

For companies that do not want to invest in dedicated video conferencing equipment, the CISCO WebEx Meeting Center allows you to connect with partners in other cities across the country and participate in online meetings following a few simple steps, being the most convenient and full of facilities solution for small and medium businesses. The app is available for both PCs, iPads, iPhone, BlackBerry, or smartphones running Android.

Adobe Connect 8

An alternative to these two solutions is Adobe Connect 8, which also offers a host of exciting features for companies with more complex needs. The solution is very simple to use, and there is no need to install additional software because Adobe Connect works with Adobe Flash Player that is installed on most computers and mobile devices, just as easy access to conference attendees is by clicking on the link received in the invitation. Adobe Connect is remarkable for the collaborative possibilities that it offers to participants who can distribute and edit documents, view movies and presentations, and even make quick polls during the conference. In order to use confidential information during a videoconference, Adobe has given a great deal of security, offering a wide variety of options to meet the highest security needs so that your company's confidential data is perfectly secure over the duration conducting a videoconference. The Adobe Connect 8 solution can be used on both computers and laptops as well as on mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone and a number of devices with Android operating system.

Microsoft Lync

For mid-sized or large companies, which are constantly holding video conferencing with a larger number of participants, the optimal solution is Microsoft Lync, part of the new generation of Office Communications Server, offering businesses the ability to access and switch between instant messaging and phone features in a single interface. These facilities are offered by other solutions, but none of them integrates as well as Microsoft can do. In the same class, Cisco also has solutions, whose solutions require a more consistent initial investment or Avaya



Video conference

In the short term, the financial benefits of videoconferencing solutions are noticeable in reducing travel, removing airline, accommodation, daily, local transportation costs and the list can continue. In addition, you can increase the frequency of communication with your team or business partners, and spend more time with them, using an experience close to natural communication as:

  • Making decisions in a much shorter time
  • Improving productivity
  • Efficiency of the company's business
  • Improving the impact and the message delivered in the discussions
  • Improving employees' quality of life and reducing stress
  • Increasing the company's expansion capacity
  • Improving the management of scattered teams

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Videoconferencing solutions allow employees to communicate with colleagues or partners wherever they are, and wherever needed, without giving up office comfort, in an extremely efficient way. This reduces costs, makes decisions easier, improves productivity, and achieves the goals much easier. To benefit from the benefits of video conferencing and to choose an optimal solution for your business needs, we recommend that you contact a specialist.