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Solutions to optimize energy consumption

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Did you know that a computer works 76% of the time in idle mode, while only 24% of the standby time is used in a productive way? This can only mean a totally inefficient energy consumption that leads to significant losses in your company.

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The key benefit achieved by implementing a power management solution is the significant cost reduction, plus the improved image of the company and the work environment of employees by reducing CO2 emissions. Last but not least, such a solution increases IT efficiency and increases employee productivity.



Power efficient processors

Choose computers equipped with power management technologies and processors that offer maximum power consumption. Intel EIST or AMD Cool 'n' Quiet were designed to reduce power consumption when the process does not require the maximum CPU capabilities. Decreasing electricity consumption means reducing operating costs and, at the same time, lower heat output.

Choosing sources to save electricity

When a source turns electricity to provide power to a computer, there will always be losses. An efficient source guarantees loss reduction to less than 20% while a regular PC source has losses ranging from 65% to 75%. In addition to these benefits, energy efficient sources prolong the life of a computer, reduce the amount of heat emanating, and improve the working environment of employees because they are much quieter.

Configure Bios settings that can control and optimize energy consumption

Many computer users do not think too much about BIOS settings and do not configure them according to their needs. In the BIOS there are a number of configurable power management settings that allow you to save electricity when a computer is left in standby mode.

Replacing old monitors with LCD monitors

By replacing CRT with LCD, you will get substantial electricity savings and, implicitly, reduce costs. To understand the consumption gap, 100 CRT 15-inch monitors consume 9,000 watts in one hour, while the same number of LCD monitors of the same size require 1,700 watts per hour.

Using a power management software

A central component of such a solution is the use of a software for the management of electricity consumption, the applications of which are efficient and extremely productive.

A power saving management solution is Saveenergee that provides centralized power consumption control for each employee who can manage standby time, schedule automatic shutdown of workstations, and provide reports on power consumption and savings, and CO2 emissions. Identifies devices that consume unnecessary energy and limits their power consumption. It saves intelligently, without affecting productivity at work, using tracking solutions for workstation activity.

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Optimizing energy consumption is a real asset for companies, and the solution must be chosen and implemented with the help of a specialist who knows the exact needs of the company.