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Structured Cabling

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Structured cabling is a set of standards that determine how to install cables that are part of data and / or voice networks in data centers, offices, or buildings. Structured cabling involves a single infrastructure for telephony, computer networks or other communications equipment, and allows fast, flexible, efficient, and reliable connection of infrastructure equipment.

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Structured cabling

Any structured cabling system is unique. Therefore, depending on the specifics of each company, the solution will depend on the architectural structure of the building, the products used for connections, what functions the cable installation will have, what network equipment will be installed or other business needs.

A well-structured structured cabling solution also consists in developing a detailed plan before you start implementing

This involves setting up several stages:

  • Set topology of the network
  • It analyzes the company's needs in terms of information flow
  • Select the network equipment and the location where they will be located
  • Network buses are selected
  • It establishes where the cable routes and the position of the sockets circulate
  • It sets out the company's security and access policies
  • A network design plan is being developed

The equipment for structured cabling solutions is varied depending on the manufacturer: PANDUIT, 3M, AMP, 3Com, Datacom.



Efficient Solution

An efficient structured cabling solution guarantees user transparency, allows flexibility and, at the same time, is easy to use. You will have the return returned in the long run

Benefits offered

  • Reduces administration costs
  • Scalability: Allows easy installation of new terminals, servers and other equipment without interrupting system functionality
  • Reliability: through components and redundant ways
  • Improve traffic speed
  • Flexibility: Allows changes to the position of computers without any other investment
  • Use the same cable environment, cable channel for voice, data, telephony, security and video surveillance

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A successful structured cabling project is the basis of an efficient and well-built infrastructure in the company that will deliver performance and quality to the systems. In order to choose the right solution and benefit from a rigorous planning of the project stages, we invite you to contact us in order to receive a detailed offer from our specialists.