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Access to internal documents and collaboration between users is a basic need for any company. The way in which this can be done in a safe way, without the risk of unauthorized and efficient access to documents, involves centralized access and security of workstations.

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A workstation management solution ensures secure access to workstations and print resources and data security stored in a company, as well as controlled management of users and workstations. Thus, increased user productivity is achieved by minimizing interruptions, reducing the time required for system maintenance operations that ensure their smooth operation


Incorrect or even non-existent handling on workstations may cause significant damage to the company, such as lower productivity, high maintenance costs for systems and equipment, or long periods of time allocated to these operations.


There are several solutions for resource management and management. Microsoft has Active Directory in Windows Server as well as Windows Intune, the cloud version generally for companies with fewer computers, as a variant when purchasing a server.

With the help of Microsoft, one can obtain, among others:

  • It is possible to define access and security policies, depending on users or groups of users, so there is control over the users and the resources that they can use.
  • It is easy to share files in a safe way. We can define who, what they have access to, depending on the user or groups of users when appropriate. We can also set permissions for a user or user groups. Thus, a particular user is prevented from modifying or deleting a file. Information about company files can be audited according to specific needs. It can be found when and what user accessed a specific file or changed it.
  • Group policies can enable or disable various options and facilities in real time, without the need for intervention on each equipment and differentiated by user groups. Thus, you can prevent accidental or accidental changes to the system, changes that may lead to loss of information.
  • User application control is also easy to do. I can easily define who, which application can use it. Furthermore, if a particular department uses a new application, it can be automatically installed on a specific user group without having to go to each workstation.
  • Microsoft offers great granularity in terms of security of document access within the company, and user interaction with the workstation. Scenarios can be different and specific to each need.

    For companies with a limited budget we have Softsee. It allows monitoring, installing and uninstalling applications on workstations. Also, check the license, if the licenses are in the latest version, and the events related to the modification of the applications. The administration side is centralized in the cloud. With a browser, all workstations can be viewed, groups and filters can be defined to simplify the search and access to a particular station.

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