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Why is it important?

As IT investments are constantly developing, IT auditing ensures that the risks of your business are controlled and that data loss is not possible in the company. IT audits can also determine if there is a high risk of interruption, security threats or other vulnerabilities.

The operation of computer systems and communications networks is essential for the performance of internal processes in companies, ensuring a high level of profitability and competitiveness. An IT Audit has the role of assessing the existing IT infrastructure and information security level in order to identify potential IT risks on the business and provide professional solutions to avoid or remedy them.

An IT Audit, carried out by IT specialists with expertise, is a surety guarantee that the dangers of the company and possible data loss are successfully removed. In addition, a complete IT audit provides a clear insight into the next steps in the company's security and protection process.

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How is it made?


How easy is it?

The initial IT infrastructure evaluation is done by one of the IT consultants, and after evaluation and results, you can request a specialized audit for your company.

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Audit specialists are pursuing a series of essential steps to identify security breaches, vulnerabilities, and performance of IT systems. In an audit, all workstations, servers and related applications, as well as communications networks, are checked. From a security point of view, it analyzes how the information circulates inside and identifies the possible risks of unauthorized access to the network and its resources, as well as loss of data.

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  • Identify the current situation in the company, from the point of view of IT risks that may threaten the performance and business development
  • Getting a detailed report on security of access to the inside and outside of the company
  • Provide recommendations for remedying and improving the operation of IT systems and data security
  • Reducing and optimizing costs for future infrastructure investments based on relevant information obtained from IT audit
  • Ensuring a competitive advantage and increasing business prospects by implementing efficient IT solutions

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Over time, IT systems and IT equipment in the company are exposed to IT vulnerabilities and risks, and early detection will provide companies with the opportunity to ensure continuity of daily activities without unintended interruptions that affect productivity. Performing a complete IT audit by specialists involves a necessary stage in the company's development process, but also a method for maintaining the competitiveness and profitability in the field in which it operates.