Modern IT support applications

Easee Help


Mobile app

Regardless of the specific activity, companies need scalable solutions tailored to the communication and management needs of their systems. Each solution offered by our team is the result of preliminary checks and the identification of opportunities for improvement or exercise of specialized control over resources. For increased mobility and efficiency, we offer mobile email and company access solutions, security and management solutions, control solutions and communications solutions inside the company.

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Easee Desk


Desktop application

The Easee Desk application is a modern ticketing system that is provided free of charge to StarTechTeam customers to submit IT support requests. The application is installed on each user's computer or laptop and can be accessed from the bottom right of the toolbar. With the help of the application, you can easily send an IT support request to our team when an IT situation is blocking your activity.

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Pin Point


Are you a StarTechTeam client and do not have a Pin Point on our desk with the methods of calling to our IT support?

With EaseeHelp, you can quickly and easily send support requests and benefit from increased mobility, anywhere, anytime. Request the PinPoints of the admin assigned to your company or write us directly at We will deliver Pin Points to you and your colleagues in the shortest possible time.

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